Welcome to The Sugar Sand Box!

After a few years of running a wholesale/retail bakery, I’ve chosen to move my focus back to Sugar Art and Baking.

The Sugar Sand Box is going to be a space to experiment with recipes, techniques, share tips/tricks and explore.

I've always been a Baker!

I’ve always been a Baker!  Here I am at age 10 with the anniversary cake I made for my parents: Circa 1974

As we “play” in the sand box, I’ll share stories and recipes from my time at the Bakery.  Sprinkled here and there will be stories from my childhood and the many, many memories baking with my grandmothers, aunts and my Mom.

I’ll also plan to visit with other sugar artists, bakeries, pastry shops and dessert houses to check out current trends and to see what others are doing to promote the art of baking.

This will be fun!  Come along and join with the fun  and as the tag line says;

Let’s Bake, Cake and Cookie!

Melissa Dotson, Sugar Artist and Baker