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How to Prep a Spring Form Pan

How to Prep a Spring Form Pan

Here is a quick and easy way on how to prep a spring form pan for baking cheesecake or any other desserts using a spring form pan.

How many times have you contemplated baking in a spring form because of that lip?   You know what I mean, right?  When you use a spring form and want to move the dessert to a pretty serving platter, getting over that lip can sometimes be a challenge.   There are some spring forms out there that have the glass bottoms or the reversed lip that have attempted to help us with our plating issues. Yes, I have tried each of these spring form pans, but I like the traditional ones for some reason.

Prep a Spring Form with Parchment

Parchment Paper put over the bottom

Looking for a Better Way

In my attempt to make my spring form life easier, I first started out by cutting the parchment paper into a circle and then putting it in the bottom.  However, because I couldn’t get the perfect circle there was away leakage under the paper or the fear of forgetting to remove the parchment.

Then one day, I decided to put the parchment over the bottom and put the ring on top.  BINGO!

How to prep a spring form pan

Allows the Cheesecake to be easily removed

I use this method for all my cheesecakes with and with out crusts, dessert pies and cakes.

Yes, with this method, you can bake cake right in the spring form and not have to worry about the lip on the bottom.  For cakes, just remember to grease/flour the sides.

So I hope you find this method useful.  I will tell you, I know use spring forms much more than ever!

Happy Baking!