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Homemade Irish Cream Liqueur “The STUFF”

Homemade Irish Cream

Irish Cream A.K.A The STUFF

I love to collect cook and craft books. One of my favorite collection is The Spirit of Christmas from Leisure Arts.  Each year, a new book would come out full of holiday crafts and recipes.  I would spend hours and hours going thru the pages for my “must make” list for the season.  I bet you are wondering, what does this have to do with Irish Cream and how to make it?

So you see, a recipe for Irish Cream Liqueur was published in the Spirit of Christmas Book 9 (1995).    I adapted the recipe that year and presented beautifully decorated jars for gifts.  But before the gift giving, I had to do a couple trial runs.

Homemade Irish Cream

Homemade Irish Cream

The Test Group Approves of “The Stuff”

The test group was basically my husband and two of the guys I worked with.  I made the first batch and sent it out to the “test” team.   After about a few weeks, I get a request.  Can we get more of The Stuff?

The Stuff?  I often brought baked goodies to work, and I didn’t realize at that time, what “The Stuff” meant.    You know, that Bailey’s but not Bailey’s?  Oh, the homemade Irish Cream, now I get it.  From then all, we’ve referred to the homemade Irish Cream as “The Stuff”.

Homemade Irish Cream        Homemade Irish Cream

Make Your Own Irish Cream

So, now you too can make your own Irish Cream.   The recipe is easy and only has 3 major ingredients.  Basically, the mixture contains sweetened condensed milk, half/half and a good Irish Whiskey.  I use Jameson but you can use any brand.  Just make sure it is Irish Whiskey.   The minor ingredients include coffee/espresso, chocolate and vanilla.  The recipe below has specific measures, however, these 3 can be adjusted to taste.

Homemade Irish Cream

Photo for Ingediant Reference, Recipe calls for 4 Cans of Sweetened Condensed Milk

Caramel Irish Cream, No Problem

Want to change up the mixture?  You can make a Caramel Version by substituting 2 cans of dulce de leche for 2 cans of sweetened condensed milk.  Then just make the mixture the same way.  The dulce de leche makes for a nice smooth caramel flavor.

Homemade Irish Cream

Switch out 2 of the SCM with Dulce de Leche for Caramel Flavor

Homemade Irish Cream and Baking

My most favorite use of The Stuff is in baking.  I keep a jar of the homemade Irish Cream for some favorite recipes.  It is excellent to use to make Irish Cream Cheesecake for both the Irish Cream Stacker and the White Chocolate Irish Cream Cheesecake Bombs.   I also have a Irish Cream cupcake and buttercream recipe that is so good with “The Stuff”.

Irish Cream Cheesecake Cake

A Great Gift for the Holiday’s

I make “The Stuff” around the Christmas Holidays for gift giving.   I also put on a batch on at the end of February to be ready for St. Patrick’s Day.    One fun thing is to look for decorative and food safe bottles and/or containers to put “The Stuff” in for gifts.

Irish Cream Cheesecake Cake

Cheers to Homemade Irish Cream, I mean “The STUFF”

So, that is the story of “The Stuff” and below is the recipe.  Just remember, enjoy your homemade Irish Cream in a responsible manner!

Homemade Irish Cream - The Stuff

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Serves: 3 quarts/12 cups Cooking Time: 15 minutes to assemble, 3 weeks to set


  • 4 cans of Sweetened Condensed Milk (14 ounce cans)
  • 4 cups of Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • 4 cups of Half and Half
  • 1/2 cup of very strong coffee or 3 shots of espresso
  • 1/2 cup of chocolate syrup
  • 2 teaspoon of vanilla
  • 3 Wide Mouth Mason Jars



In a very large container mix sweetened condensed milk, whiskey and half/half and mix well.


Add coffee, chocolate and vanilla and mix well. Make sure that all the chocolate is mixed well.


Pour into wide mouth mason jars with lids.


Refrigerate. Let mixture to sit for about 3 weeks but turn the jars every 4 or 5 days remix the chocolate.


Enjoy in your favorite coffee, dessert or on the rocks! Just be responsible 😊


For Caramel Irish Cream, replace 2 of the 3 cans of sweetened condensed milk with cans of dulce de leche.

Irish Cream

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