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Spring Break Vacation : A SweetTini Sugar Social

The Sugar Social : Let’s Bake, Cake and Cookie

I love to share my passion for baking, confections and decorating.   Over the years I’ve held classes for girl scout badges, birthday parties, cookie decorating and more.   Right before I sold Sweet IRB, Sugar Social and Classes were introduced. Sweettini Sugar Socials were so popular that  I decided to keep them with The Sugar Sand Box.  I mean the tag line to The Sugar Sand Box is “Let’s Bake, Cake and Cookie” and the sugar socials just seem to fit!

Making Sweettini at the Sugar Social

Making Beach Sweettini at a Sugar Social

What is a Sweettini, you ask?

When I started out, I used Martini Glasses.  That is where the “tini” of the Sweettini came from.  The early versions of the dessert only contained cheesecake bombs and cake balls.  However, as interest grew in the Sweettinis for favors and gifts with different themes, I started changing up the glasses.  Now I use wine, margarita, mason jars and other various contains for the Sweettinis.

The contents of the Sweettini also changed.  Cheesecake bombs and cake balls are still the primary confections but now I customize to the occasion or holiday.   Along with the Beach Sweettini, there are also Christmas, Easter and Birthday versions.   One of my favorite Sweettini were made in the mini plastic wine glasses for a Christmas Party.


A combination of white chocolate shells, cheesecake bombs and cake balls in a decorated wine glass.

Let’s Have Some Vacation Fun : The Beach Theme Sweettini

What better to end vacation that to make your own take-home souvenir?  i like to think of the Beach Sweettini as your own edible beach!  The rim of the wine glass is dipped in white chocolate with gold sprinkles, straight out of a Mermaid’s dream!  The confections are cheesecake bombs (cheesecake dipped in white/dark chocolate) and cake balls.  The bottom of the glass has crushed graham crackers in the bottom for “sand”.   The star of the Beach Sweettinis are the chocolate shells that we make during the social!   The shells are so much fun to make and are so realistic!

Cake Balls

Cake Balls rolled during the Sugar Social

Cheesecake Bombs

Cheesecake Bombs – Finished Product after dipping in Chocolate

White Chocolate Sea Shells

How do I get the  Chocolate Shells to look so realistic?  I use silicone molds from Decorate The Cake, Chocoley White/Dark Chocolate and pearl dust to make the shells.   In a group class, making the shells always seem to be the highlight of the class.  I love watching people remove the shells from the molds to see what they created.

Chocolate Shells

Chocolate Shells made with mold from Decorate the Cake

Easy Roller, Silicon Bowls, Plastic Bottles : Oh MY!

The Sugar Socials are hands on classes.  I introduce the groups to different tools that make baking life easier.  One of the more popular is when we make cake balls.  I will break out the Easy Roller and let everyone make their own cake balls.

Easy Roller for Cake Balls

Work in Process

Work in Process

Confections are Done!  Let’s Assemble

The first part of the class is spent making all the individual elements for the Sweettini.  Now that we have all the parts!  Let’s make our Sweettini.    It is so much fun watching people put their creations together and creating the presentation.

Are you wondering about sampling?  Yes, we make plenty so that everyone can taste test along the way!

Sweettini Sugar Social

Beach Sweettini Sugar Social

Sweettini Sugar Social

Beach Sweettini Sugar Social


Now That’s a Wrap!

So I hope you enjoyed pictures from the most recent Sweettini Sugar Social.  We had a blast!




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