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The Sugar Art and Baking Continues!

For years and years, I wanted to own a bakery.  In late 2012, we began the business concept and plan for Sweet IRB Bakery in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.   The adventure of creating a bakery from ground-up began and after many learning opportunities opened to the public in September of 2014.

Sweet "Mobile" with Melissa and Bill

Sweet “Mobile” with Melissa and Bill

What a great and busy time we had!  Sweet IRB Bakery provided wholesale cakes/pies for local restaurants, retail for walk-in customers, custom cake design, breakfast and gourmet coffee/espresso.

But late in the Fall of 2016, something was missing.  I was spending the majority of my time on the operational aspects and not creative side of baking and decorating.  The Bakery was gearing up for the 2017 Season, and I was finding myself wanting to do something different.  I wanted a new project, a new adventure and something new to build.

You see over the years, I have learned that I am a project person; I like to build and create. From past experiences, when an activity reaches an operational and predictable point, I loose focus and interest. Am I surprised? Nope, I come from a family of “Project” people!

So at the end of 2016, Bill and I transferred ownership of Sweet IRB/Bakery retail and wholesale over to a catering company that we had worked with since we opened.  Today, the space that was once Sweet IRB Bakery is now It’s Your Day Bakery and Cafe.  Now, I’m heading back to the Private Studio, to Bake, Cake and Cookie!

So you ask, what is next?  Well, one of my first objective is getting the blog, The Sugar Sand Box : Let’s Bake, Cake and Cookie, up and running.   I want to create an internet space to share Sugar Art, Baking, Recipes, Favorite Places, Tutorials and more.   I have a huge cook/bake book collection and would like share my experiences in making and exploring recipes.

Cookbook collecions

My Cookbook Collection

I want to share stories and recipes from those who have inspired me over the years and preserve traditions from my childhood.  One project I’ve had on my list for a while is to write a bake/cake book.   I’ll also be doing some private baking, demos and competitions.

You can follow, The Sugar Sand Box on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  I will be creating a YouTube and Snapchat channel in the near future.

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I hope you will come along and follow my journey back to Sugar Art and Baking.

Thank You,

Melissa Dotson : Sugar Artist and Baker

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